Thursday, May 3, 2007

The First Thing We Sold on eBay!

Can't seem to get these pictures in the right order....maybe I can fix it later!

Anyway this is the 3rd one we sold...Kelly's first one and our first Button Bear! "Lilac" #K3.
The buyer said "She was excited to get her and that it was her first collectible Felted Bear!"

We decided to put our creations for sale on eBay...the ones we could part with and believe me it was hard to part with them!

This was the first one...Momma Ruby Red Bird #C1...made by Connee...she sold right away. The comment from the buyer was "Cute little birdie!"

The Little Wildlife Bunny Rabbit #C4 is the second sculpture that sold on eBay. He was made by Connee. So sweet and real looking!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The First Bears We Made!

It was Saturday night and Kelly and I decided we would try the new kit I got off eBay on needle felting! we were both tired but we thought we would just spend a little time trying it out! We started out with the wool roving (long strips of dyed wool) and a # 38 needle. We made egg shapes of wool first then ball shapes and connected them together. Then we made the muzzle and ears and was like started looking like a cute little Teddy Bear...we were hooked. We worked on ours bears until 3:30 A.M. ! Got them all done except doing the jointing.

Mine was a pretty big Teddy Bear that had a big smile. I decided to call him "Big Mike". I tied a ribbon around his neck and later on I sewed a big brass looking button shaped like a Teddy bear on his chest. I love him and I will always keep him!

Tell Me About KC"S Button Bears!

KC’s Button Bears is a trade name for the cute-as-a-button bears and animals made by a Mother and Daughter team of artists/designers in Michigan. We have always loved bears of all sizes and have been collecting them for over 25 years. Since we have dabbled in drawing, paper, pottery, clay, sewing, and crochet projects to enrich our hobbies, we decided it was time to share our wool felting creations with others.
We use the hand sculpting process of shaping wool fibers with special barbed needles, called Needle Felting Sculpting Techniques.
For those who have not needle felted, this is a process of poking fluffy wool roving with a barbed needle many thousands of times to lock the fibers together and make sculptures out of these semi-hard to hard shapes. When they are finished the actual hardness or firmness depends upon the style and type of animal shape sculpted. Needle felting is basically sculpting and painting with wool!
. All of our unique creations are one-of-a-kind-originals (OOAK). They are created without the use of patterns, molds, or directions of any kind. They begin with simply with a piece of clean wool fiber, a single sharp barbed needle, and a special inspiration from our heads and hearts. As always, we strive for excellency in our work and we hope that you will see the quality presented to you.