Thursday, May 3, 2007

The First Thing We Sold on eBay!

Can't seem to get these pictures in the right order....maybe I can fix it later!

Anyway this is the 3rd one we sold...Kelly's first one and our first Button Bear! "Lilac" #K3.
The buyer said "She was excited to get her and that it was her first collectible Felted Bear!"

We decided to put our creations for sale on eBay...the ones we could part with and believe me it was hard to part with them!

This was the first one...Momma Ruby Red Bird #C1...made by Connee...she sold right away. The comment from the buyer was "Cute little birdie!"

The Little Wildlife Bunny Rabbit #C4 is the second sculpture that sold on eBay. He was made by Connee. So sweet and real looking!


Fun With This and That said...

Your bear is so cute .I like to do felting .I'm going to try and get some CQ done I bought too much silk ribbon so better use it I lovr to buy supplys. Laura

OOAK babies by Mina said...

Your little critters are so adorable! I dabbled in felting a little while back. Wish I had the time to play a litle more.
Thanks so much for dropping by my blog